Applying to Graduate

OCCC considers graduation as an achievement of a student’s educational goal and is
honored to recognize students for their accomplishments. Graduates with cumulative
grade point averages (GPAs) between 3.75 and 4.00 will receive highest honors.

Students may usually graduate under requirements existing at the time of initial enrollment, as long as they have successfully completed at least one term of a college credit course per academic year. If credits from other colleges are used toward graduation requirements, it is the student’s responsibility to request that official transcripts from those colleges be sent to the OCCC Registrar. Official transcripts must arrive in sealed envelopes from the reporting institution. At the time the official transcripts are submitted, a student with transferring credits should also submit a request for evaluation and transfer of previous credit to OCCC Student Services. Student Services may be contacted at 541-867-8501.

Students in degree or certificate programs should submit an Application for Degree or Certificate to the Registrar’s office at Clatsop by the fourth week of the term prior to the term in which the student expects to complete graduation requirements. Applications for Degree or Certificates are available at OCCC Student Services. An application results in a review of the student’s academic record to ensure all requirements are completed. Students must file a separate petition for each degree or certificate requested. It is best to submit an application as early as possible in the prior term.

Students should file their petitions within one year after completing all requirements. Students’ accounts must be clear with OCCC and the contracting college and all materials checked out must be returned before an official degree or certificate will be awarded.

For more information about applying to graduate, students should contact Student Services at 541-867-8501.