Basic Skills

GED & Adult General Education
Orientation Schedule for New Students

You must attend the 2-session orientation listed below before enrolling in the summer GED/Adult General Education class.

Newport -- Day Class Orientation: Room 25


Mon. and Tues., June 23 & 24 1:00-3:20 pm

This will be the only GED/Adult General Education Class Orientation for summer term.





TWO DAYS of orientation
  required for registration

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Current Classes

The Basic Skills Department prepares students for college study, employment and community membership. Reading, writing, math and study skills are taught through a variety of means. Pre-college students are enabled to bring their skills up to the standard required by their chosen course of study or occupation (Adult Basic Education). Adults without a high school diploma are prepared for the GED tests. College students have the possibility of improving their skills in specific areas needing remediation (Tutoring). Students with mother-tongues other than English improve their English skills (ESOL).

Upon entering any class in the department, the student is given a placement test and has an opportunity to set goals and focus attention on needed skills. There is a strong commitment to finding the best way for each individual to learn most effectively. Those who have been out of school for some time find a welcoming and encouraging environment in which to start studying again. Every course includes a learning-to-learn component in which the students are able to polish their study skills and build a platform for life-long learning.

Instruction in the Basic Skills Department is in small classes, labs, and one-on-one instruction. A web-based instructional program is available for registered students to continue their skills practice outside the classroom anywhere they have internet access. Community members can be matched with trained volunteer tutors to work on any basic skills.

To contact us:

Roberta Green, Instructional Assistant, 541-867-8535,

Patricia DiGiulio, GED/Adult General Education Instructor Newport, 541-867-8557,

Julie Reynolds-Otrugman, GED/Adult General Education Instructor North County, 541-996-6222, ext 211,

Jody Becker, Tutor Coordinator, 541-867-8502,

Will Quillian  ESOL Instructor, 541-867-8517, wquillian@