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Seatauqua Series

Winter classes feature gyotaku, drawing & more

The Winter non-credit Community Education lineup at Oregon Coast Community College features a number of classes in the Seatauqua series.

The Seatauqua was a series of workshops, lectures and excursions (by car, boat and even airplane) that ran for decades in Newport. Coordinated by Oregon Sea Grant, the programs encouraged chautauqua-style discussions by all participants about arts, sciences, coastal ecology and more. In recent years, Oregon Coast Community College and the Hatfield Marine Science Center have been reviving Seatauqua, with special classes open to the community.

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Octopus Gyotakuoctopus-1-copy

The eight-legged marine octopus fascinates everyone, and also make for spectacular gyotaku, or fish prints. In this class you will be working with small market size octopus, and learning the steps of traditional gyotaku of applying ink to the body of an octopus and pressing rice paper to receive the image. You have the opportunity to create at least 10-12 gyotaku on rice paper with one specimen, or create an entire “school” of octopus.   An additional $15 materials fee is required for this class


Monday, March 6 • 1pm-4pm

Tuition:  $40 • Plus $15 materials fee, payable
to instructor at first class

Instructor: Heather Fortner

Nature Printed Journal

This class teaches the use of items from nature such as leaves, flowers, shells, seaweed and bark to create pieces of art on heavy rag paper, then turn it all into a handmade journal. This 5-hour class introduces the art of nature printing using a range of media, including acrylics, paper dyes, block printing ink, embossing powers and matte medium. Students will create an assortment of prints on sheets of paper and then do a simple binding with a cover to create a journal, suitable for writing or additional artwork.


Thursday, Feb. 16 • 10am-3pm

Tuition:  $40 • Plus $15 Supplies fee,
payable to instructor at start of class

Instructor: Heather Fortner

Introductory Drawing

This is a class to introduce the student to the basics of drawing.  Students need no prior art or drawing experience.  Drawing tools introduced in the class are vine and compressed charcoal, conte crayon, graphite sticks, brush and ink.  In addition, different drawing papers will be used, ex. BFK Reves. The student will practice, with assigned drawing problems, the rules of perspective, gestural line drawing, blind contour drawing, brush and ink. At the end of the class, the student will have improved hand/eye coordination and a drawing vocabulary to work independently.


Thursdays, Feb. 9-March 23 • 2pm-5pm

Tuition:  $95

Instructor: Sandra Roumagoux

Beachcombers’ Nature Printing

Learn about the treasures that you might find in a beachcombing trip on the Oregon Coast, and then learn the basics of nature printing to make small images or cards with these items. You will be able to choose from a selection of crustaceans, seaweeds, corals, driftwood, stones, invertebrates, and shoreline plants found on our local beaches. You will print with water soluble inks onto thin rice paper, and can expect to leave with 6-10 finished images.


Monday, March 13 • 1pm-5pm

Tuition:  $40 • Plus $10 materials fee,
payable to instructor at first class

Instructor: Heather Fortner

Oil Painting

Learn how to create an oil painting using the wet on wet method. This method begins with painting the entire canvas with a light coat of oil paint for an easy blending technique. Learn how easy it is to blend and detail as you go, even if you currently don’t have any drawing capabilities.


Thursdays, Jan. 12-March 2


Tuition:  $60 • Plus $20 materials fee, payable to instructor at first class

Instructor: Georgina Nielsen

Mosaic Tilesmosaics

Pieces of the Past is an introductory course in the centuries-old art of mosaics. Traces of ancient mosaics extend as far back as the earliest document writing methods, around 3100 BC. Over time, the methods of making mosaics, their uses, and the materials used, have all changed.

The initial class will be devoted to producing a mirror, using the “direct method,” which will be completed by the end of class the first day.

The second session will be devoted to the various mosaic styles, a review of suitable tools, adhesives, grouting, and frames. At that class, students will be asked to select a mosaic work which will be their major task for the term. The method to be used will depend upon that previously utilized. At the third class, they will mount this piece on a board and begin the mosaic process. The appropriate tools for each project will be provided by the instructor. Throughout the term, students will be introduced to techniques including mounting, framing and gluing.


Fridays, Feb. 17-March 24, Noon-3pm

Tuition:  $90 • Plus $20 materials fee,
payable to instructor at first class

Instructor: Gene Sterud

Drawing for Beginners

From properly sharpening a pencil to basic perspectives, this class will help sharpen skills and prompt personal projects. Students will be able to use skills learned in this class to enhance observational skills as well as the ability to render form, volume, and perspective in drawings. Tools for this class will be really simple, just pencils, paper, and erasers.


Wednesdays, Jan. 11-Feb. 8, 1-3pm

Tuition:  $50

Instructor: Sean Hollenhors

Lincoln City

Wednesdays, Feb. 22-March 22, 1-3pm

Tuition:  $50

Instructor: Sean Hollenhors