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 CNA 2 Policy Manual 2017 – 2019

CNA 2 Application Enrollment Agreement Summer 2019 (Reference only)


Oregon Coast Community College


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Level 2 Training Program


Summer 2019

Application Deadline June 14, 2019

Program Description

The Oregon Coast Community College (OCCC) Certified Nursing Assistant Level 2 Training Program (NUR102) is an 88-hour course fulfilling the Oregon State Board of Nursing requirements for certification as a CNA Level 2. This program is open to those individuals who have a valid NA 1 certification with the Oregon State Board of Nursing.  NUR 102 is a six (6) credit course.


The course combines classroom, online instruction, laboratory skill instruction, and supervised hands-on clinical experiences at OCCC Central Campus and Samaritan Hospitals in Lincoln County. This course builds on the skills learned in the NA 1 program and assists the student in learning theory content and mastering skills that are needed in the acute care setting. Students must also be able to meet physical requirements, engage in therapeutic communication, and deal with stressful interpersonal situations. The course consists of approximately 64 hours in the classroom and skills laboratory setting, (including an orientation) and 28 hours in the acute care setting.


At the successful completion of this course the student’s name will be submitted to the Oregon State Board of Nursing with a recommendation that their name be placed on the CNA Level 2 Registry.


Application Process


Applicants must have a valid NA 1 certification through the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN).

Complete applications are required by the deadline, including immunizations (except for the Hepatitis B series), CPR, Background Check, and Drug Screening.   Early, partial applications will be accepted but students will only receive conditional acceptance into the program until all components of the application are submitted.

Note: This program may be financial aid eligible, but you must see an academic advisor and set up an academic plan. You will also need to complete a (FAFSA application) Free Application for Federal Student Aid at for 2019-2020


Application Process Steps: Please initial that you have completed

  1. ____Read through the entire application packet.
  2. ____Participation in the CNA Level-2 Training Program requires passing a criminal background check. Please read the Oregon Department of Human Resources Potentially Disqualifying Crimes from Division 7. The website to read these documents is:;JSESSIONID_OARD=6uvulRyE8-Q0Gt_fu8WfXjAVrSEu1VO9nmOBGvtT1FD8etvcSQFr!-1969788327?selectedDivision=1626
  3. _____Also read the Oregon Board of Nursing’s criminal history requirements and policies found in Division 1 of the Nurse Practice Act located at:
  4. ____ If not currently enrolled as an OCCC student, complete an OCCC online admissions form, @
  5. _____Meet with an academic advisor to determine program and financial aid eligibility.
  6. Complete a Criminal Background check (CBC) is required with Complio by American Databank. Results will be communicated directly to us. The CBC needs to be completed prior to the application deadline. A link to Complio is on the OCCC website on the same page as CNA Level 2 Application
  7. _____Drug Screening is to be completed at Samaritan Health Services, Occupational Medicine, located at 740 SW 9th, next to the Samaritan Center for Health Education building. No appointment is needed. The cost for the drug screening and criminal background check is $79.00. The phone number to Samaritan Health Services, Occupational Medicine is 541-574-4675. Hours are 8-11:30 and 1:00-4:30 Monday – Friday. Results will be communicated directly to us. The drug screen must be completed prior to the application deadline.
  8.  _____Submit a copy of all required immunizations to the Administrative Assistant for Health and Human Services (see attached form).
  9. _____Go to the OCCC College Website – Current Students – CNA2 and read: The CNA Level 2 Training Program Policy Manual for 2019-2020
  10.  _____Complete the online application/enrollment agreement



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