Summer 2018

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For Business: Shoebox Bookkeeping

Tuesday, July 10 • 3-6pm • $30
Instructor: Kathie Gordon-Brooks

Is jumping into “cloud-based” accounting too pie-in-the-sky for you? Would you like to learn some good old “low-tech” accounting first?  This class will cover the basics such as:
– setting up a general ledger and chart of accounts
– the basics of accounts payable and receivable
– recording start-up costs
This class is also a good refresher course for individuals who currently do computer bookkeeping. It’s a great way to step back and understand what’s happening behind the curtain with your QuickBooks, WaveApps or other bookkeeping software. Students should bring a calculator.

For Business: QuickBooks Open Lab

Tuesday, July 17 • 3-6pm • $30
Instructor: Kathie Gordon-Brooks

This lab, for beginning and intermediate QuickBooks users, allows for more exploration of QuickBooks software and the opportunity to explore at your own rate. We will explore the basics of the program, customization and special transactions such as bartering and budgeting, in addition to everyday transactions with vendors and customers. This will be an open format with students deciding the content and topics. Laptops are welcome if QuickBooks software (any version) and student’s business data is already installed.

For Business: QuickBooks Online

Tuesday, July 24 • 3-6pm • $30
Instructor: Kathie Gordon-Brooks

Nothing says summer like iced tea on the porch, a sunny minus-tide beach walk – and a brief introduction to cloud-based accounting software.  This QuickBooks Online workshop will cover the basic features, getting set up and getting started, navigating the program, reporting, and how to use expanded features to customize QuickBooks Online for your business. The course will introduce basic financial and accounting terms, discuss year-end reporting, and cover using data to produce a financial report from this software. This will be a hands-on course with active discussion; students should bring a note pad and be familiar with operating a windows computer.

Kelp Wall Hanging

Thursday, July 26 • 1-5pm • $40
Instructor: Heather Fortner

The bull kelp that abounds in our local waters is an extraordinary material- at various times it has the quality of fabric, leather, or wood. In this class you will weave the flexible dry stipes (stems) of the kelp into a wall hanging, supplemented with other seaweeds such as sea palm, witches hair, and feather boa. A piece of driftwood holds the warp, and you select the colors and sizes of the kelp to weave to make a unique and organic wall piece.  Material fee $15, payable to instructor on day of class. Note: Students may bring in a piece of driftwood no longer than 15 inches. (Optional)

Focus on Telescopes

Monday, July 30 • 3pm-5pm • $20
Instructor: Sifan Kahale

It’s not fair to leave that telescope you received as a gift, or bought on a lark, sitting in the closet, getting dusty. Bust it out, dust it off, and take it to College!  Bring your ‘scope to this class and Sifan Kahale (Lincoln County’s only professional hunter of killer asteroids) will help you get comfortable using it, and she’ll talk a bit about what’s fun to set your sights on in our summer night skies.

Drawing: Learning to use a Bounding Box to Help with Basic Drawing Fears & False Starts

Wednesday, Aug. 8 • 9am-Noon • $30
Instructor: Nora Sherwood

“Have you always wanted to be better at drawing? Me, too!”  So says Nora Sherwood, instructor of this new summer course. “Being better at drawing can benefit all your artistic endeavors – not only will it help you make better “marks on the paper,” but it’ll help you observe the world around you more keenly. In this workshop, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about how to draw realistically – it’s not magic, but it is hard work. And just like we’re not born knowing how to read or write, we’re also not born knowing how to draw. But, these skills can be learned if you’re willing. Materials: This workshop will be taught in graphite, so bring your drawing tools. (You should have at least four pencils – good basic types would be H, B, 2B and 4B. If you’re serious about drawing, a full set of 6 to 10 pencils ranging from 4H to 6B is nice to have.) Other useful tools are an eraser, a clear ruler, stumps, erasers, etc. The instructor will supply the paper.

Beginning Watercolor Workshop

Monday, August 13 • 9am-3pm (Lunch Break Noon-1pm) • $50
Instructor: David Wilson (Gallery Director, Salem Art Association)

All levels welcomed, from beginner to intermediate, age 16 and older. Introduce yourself to watercolor in just one day, or refine your skills with basic brush strokes, water color techniques, and color mixing, to create watercolor paintings. $35 supplies fee, payable to instructor. Bring your own lunch.

Learn to Play the Pennywhistle

Thursday, Aug. 23 • 9am-Noon • $30
Instructor: Gary Burman

Have you ever met someone so happy they danced a jig? You can help, by learning to play this iconic Celtic instrument – the simple, versatile and exceptionally portable (perfect for beach bonfires!) pennywhistle. From The Chieftains, to The Clancy Brothers, to the Dropkick Murphys, the pennywhistle (or “tin whistle”) has helped define Celtic music and has been integral to many other genres as well.  This class will introduce you to basic playing techniques and some fun tunes to start you out. And, the cost includes your very own pennywhistle.




Plein Air Oilpainting

Tuesday, August 28 • 9:30am to 3:30pm • $50
Instructor: Katia Kyte

Come join this one-day plein air workshop. We will be painting the beautiful Siletz Bay. Bring your own supplies. A demo and instructions will be provided. Topics include site selection, composition, values, simplification and massing, starting a painting with a simple color-based block-in, color strategies and more. Enjoy critiques and a lot of personalized guidance from the instructor. Previous paintings experience is recommended. This one-day class is ideal for those who want to break into plein air, or strengthen their landscape painting skills. Or, for those who simply want to paint along with others in a beautiful setting. When you register, you’ll learn where the class will meet in South Lincoln City. Bring a sack lunch and water.

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons and DRagonsThursday, Aug. 30 • 3-5pm • $15
Instructor: Ethan Price

For decades, Dungeons & Dragons (affectionately known as D&D to its fans) has enthralled some, and perplexed many. What kind of game can last for hours without timers, boards, bells, or whistles? What’s a “hit-point”? Who, or what, is a “dungeon master”? A typical game of Dungeons & Dragons can last many hours, so this simple introductory workshop will only cover the basics. If you’re interested in getting into D&D, the session will be helpful, as every participant will leave with a ready-to-play, custom-built character, on an official character sheet. If you’re just curious to learn what the fuss is all about, or what it feels like to roll 20-sided dice, this is the workshop for you. The instructor has been playing D&D for about two years and occasionally serves as Dungeon Master for two different cohorts.  He will be a junior at Taft High School in the Fall. (Image source:

Oregon Coast Community College strives to provide enriching, engaging community education courses that will interest the residents of Lincoln County. If you have a course you’d like to see in an upcoming term, email Dave Price, Director of Small Business Development and Community Education.


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