Persons in the criminal justice field may work in a municipal, county, state or federal law enforcement organization or corrections system. Positions requiring law enforcement education are available at all levels of government and in private industry. Duties range from crime prevention programs to investigative and uniform patrols. Technical skills such as data processing and criminalistics are used to support overall criminal justice operations.

Police carIntended Learning Outcomes

Learning experiences in this program are designed to assist the student in realizing the following outcomes:

  • Prepare quality reports of investigations in a manner that communicates concise and factual information and is capable of withstanding courtroom scrutiny.
  • Conduct searches and seizures in a manner that complies with statutory and constitutional requirements.
  • Communicate with individuals using verbal and non-verbal methods that recognize diverse cultures, ethnic groups and non-traditional populations.
  • Carry out criminal investigations using effective and legal interrogation techniques.
  • Manage initial custody of adults and juveniles with an understanding of differing procedures.
  • Recognize behaviors during encounters with individuals that indicate substance abuse or mental health issues.

Career Information

For additional information on the Criminal Justice Program, contact:
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