CTE Programs & Courses

Career and Technical Education Programs & Courses

The Aquarium Science Program offers a comprehensive two-year Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree and a one-year Certificate that is open only to individuals who already possess a Bachelor’s degree in a life science area. Both the Certificate and the AAS provide theory and practical experience designed to prepare students for a career in aquatic animal husbandry. Enrollment is limited. For additional information, contact Chris Spaulding, the Aquarium Science program director at 541-867-8678, chris.spaulding@occc.cc.or.us.

Students who successfully earn a degree or certificate will be qualified to work in the aquatic animal husbandry profession. They may be eligible for positions as aquarists, aquatic biologists, and keepers. Potential employment opportunities include public zoos and aquariums, ornamental fish retailers and wholesalers, aquaculture businesses, fish hatcheries, research programs, marine educational centers, state and federal natural resource agencies, as well as self-employment.

Emergency Medical Technology (EMT) courses train students to take the state certification tests for the EMT Basic and EMT Intermediate levels. The courses are accredited by the Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon State Emergency Medical Services Office. EMT Basic courses are applicable to other Oregon community colleges that offer the Associate of Applied Science program for the paramedic level. Once appropriate certification is achieved, students work for emergency medical services, quick response units, or other emergency services such as fire protection. Contact PJ Pippin at 541-867-8548 or patricia.pippin@occc.cc.or.us for additional information.

The Employment Skills Training program provides individuals the opportunity to receive a state-approved Certificate of Completion for completing an individualized 12 to 44 credit hour program that leads to skills and knowledge necessary for employment in an occupation or career field. Students who enroll in this program will receive instruction based on a curriculum personalized for their chosen occupation and their individual abilities, knowledge, and skills. This program may include a combination of classroom and on-the-job experiences. Students can enroll at the beginning of any term of the academic year. Program costs vary due to individualized training plans. Student interested in Employment Skills Training should contact an advisor to discuss career goals and develop an individualized curriculum plan. Contact Student Services at 541-867-8503 for more information.

The LPN to RN bridge program provides and opportunity for practicing Licensed Practical Nurses to complete a transition course and then enter the second year of the Nursing Program. Contact PJ Pippin in the Nursing Department at 541-867-8548 or patricia.pippin@occc.cc.or.us for additional information.

The Oregon Coast Community College Nurse Assistant Training Program is a 150-hour course fulfilling the Oregon State Board of Nursing requirements for certification as a nursing assistant. The lecture portion of this course is taught on-line. It takes 51 or more hours to complete. Students spend 25 hours in the skills labs and 75 hours in a licensed health care facility gaining hands-on clinical experience. Students will learn basic bedside nursing skills, basic restorative skills, mental health and social service needs, personal care skills, and knowledge of client rights. Students will learn the knowledge and skills necessary to care for patients in long-term care and acute care facilities. This course requires both time and a “personal caring” commitment from the students. Students must also be able to meet physical requirements, engage in therapeutic communication, and deal with stressful interpersonal situations.

The Nursing Assistant course is taught each term. Contact PJ Pippin in the Nursing Department at 541-867-8548 or patricia.pippin@occc.cc.or.us for additional information.

Oregon Coast offers a career ladder program for women and men who want to become licensed practical nurses (through the first-year Certificate of Completion) or registered nurses (through the Associate of Applied Science in Nursing). Nursing is a limited entry program. Contact PJ Pippin in the Nursing Department at 541-867-8548 or patricia.pippin@occc.cc.or.us for additional information.

The Retail Management certificate prepares students for entry-level employment in sales and management. The program emphasizes skill development in interpersonal communication; business accounting; marketing; human resource management and supervision and focuses on professional growth, employment, and advancement opportunities. Employment for these positions is estimated to grow by over 17% between 2002 and 2012. As a statewide cooperative effort this program is also offered by other community colleges including: Chemeketa, Clackamas, Lane, Linn-Benton, and Portland. Credits earned as part of the Retail Management Certificate may be applicable to the Associate of General Studies degree. The Retail Management program is not financial aid eligible, Individual courses have entry-level expectations for skill levels in reading, writing, and mathematics. The length of time to complete will depend on student skills in these areas. Interested students should contact an OCCC advising specialist at 541-867-8503.