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Differentiate with Customer-Service Excellence

With such a service-driven economy, it is important that local businesses are able to differentiate themselves based on how they connect with their customers. Are you struggling to grow your customer base or increase repeat visits? Do you want a more consistent level of business? Would evening out seasonality be helpful? This course will help participants move past basic service delivery to creating an environment that fosters and rewards excellence. Discover how your organization can establish a stellar reputation and be recognized for service beyond expectations. Learn to capture and utilize these favorable reviews to attract and retain loyal customers that will shout your accolades from the seashore.

• Determine easy to implement WOW factors for each current and potential customer touch-point
• Create a priority-based action plan to chart your next steps and get your team excited to provide service excellence
• Capture more favorable reviews and leverage them for increased business

Instructor: Laura Furgurson
THURSDAy, 2-5PM • May 30 & June 6 • $50
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