Distance Education


How To Access Your Online Course

Distance Education courses allow students to take classes at their convenience from home or work. Students need access to a computer with internet browser software and an internet service provider account to access course material, to turn in assignments, and to communicate with the instructor and classmates. Distance learning students are expected to be familiar with computers and the internet. Scroll down for detailed registration and course login instructions.

Successful distance learning students actively participate in class on a regular basis just like a face-to-face class. Taking courses through distance education is not easier, but distance education allows more flexibility by reducing travel time and bringing the course to the student's location. Computer access is available in the Learning Commons.

Academic advising is an important part of student success. You must schedule an advising appointment prior to registration for any courses.

Each term, OCCC offers Distance Education (DE) classes taught by OCCC instructors, and students register for these classes via their myOCCC account. OCCC students also have the option to take online classes at Portland Community College. Students interested in this option should coordinate with an academic advisor who will facilitate registration with PCC. Early registration is critical as online classes fill quickly. Students who register for classes at PCC must follow the dates and deadlines published in PCC's academic calendar and complete PCC's orientation for online courses.

Important Note: Oregon Scholar Scholarships will not pay tuition and fees for PCC Distance Education classes.Tuition waivers will also not pay for PCC classes. Students who wish to take PCC classes online should contact an academic advisor at 541-867-8501. 

How To Access Your Online Course

Each provider institution has a different process for logging into distance education courses. Please check the schedule to ensure you know which college is providing the course you are registered for.

OCCC Moodle Login for courses provided by OCCC

Portland CC Desire2Learn Login for PCC courses

Textbooks/Course Materials

Textbooks and/or course materials should be obtained from the provider institution’s bookstore. Check the schedule to ensure you know which college is providing the course you are registered for.

OCCC Bookstore
Portland Community College Bookstore

Important Information for Distance Education Students

Test Proctoring