Dual Credit

Dual Credit is a program in which Lincoln County students can earn college credit at Oregon Coast Community College while still in high school.
Dual Credit agreements between Oregon Coast Community College (OCCC) and Lincoln County School District (LCSD) have been in place since before 2003, with over two thousand Lincoln County students earning credit and getting a head start on college and careers.  In June 2014 the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission HECC adopted new Dual Credit Standards following a revision in national standards.  Consequently, all community colleges and school districts in Oregon were required to submit a Program Approval Renewal  to continue to offer Dual Credit under the new standards.
LCSD and OCCC worked together to complete the renewal process in May, 2015.  For immediate needs, speak with your high school counselor. 
 More information about Dual Credit to include adding a class, dropping a class, or withdrawing from a class can be found in the Student Handbook.

Earn College Credit While In High School

Oregon Coast Community College provides the opportunity for high school students to earn college credit while still in high school. Students, who complete courses taught at their high school by qualified instructors providing the same rigor and content as an on-campus college class, can earn OCCC credit.

The high school instructor must have the same qualifications that an on-campus faculty member does. The course must provide the same content, course materials and outcomes as an OCCC course. When these requirements are met, the course is considered "articulated" with an OCCC course, and students can earn college credit.

Students can earn Dual Credit in:

  • University Transfer courses that count toward a Bachelor's degree in subject areas like Literature, History, Math and Music.
  • Career & Technical Education courses which lead to an Associate degree or certificate in programs such as: Automotive Service Technology, Computer Applications Systems, Early Education & Family Studies, Welding, Building Construction Technology and many more!

OCCC Dual Credit courses are the result of an alignment between high school and college courses requiring college level work, not all high school courses are eligible. Check with your high school counselor to find out which courses at your high school are a part of the OCCC Dual Credit program, and get a head start on your own college and career preparation!

OCCC credits are transferable to all public college/universities within the Oregon University System, and most other institutions outside the state. It is always important to check with the college or university you plan to attend to know how these credits will be applied. The credits you earn provide an advantage whether you use them at OCCC, another college, or on your resume as you explore employment opportunities.
Enrollment Requirements:
You must be enrolled in a participating high school. 

Dual Credit classes are regular OCCC classes, but taught at high school by an approved high school instructor.

For new OCCC Dual Credit Students - There is a 2-step process for students who wish to receive college credit for the high school course work through Oregon Coast Community College. Students must first apply to OCCC before they are able to register for dual credit courses. Returning students (bypass applying to OCCC) and only register for Dual Credit courses.

What's Next?

  1. Check with your high school counselor to find out which classes at your high school are part of the OCCC Dual Credit program. 

  2. Before you begin, you must have a personal email address to apply online.

  3. Register for your OCCC Dual Credit courses.