Expanded Options Program

The Expanded Options Program helps students get a head start on college, at considerable savings, while they are still in high school. Under an agreement between Lincoln County School District (LCSD) and Oregon Coast Community College (OCCC), eligible and admitted LCSD juniors and seniors may take OCCC college courses at the College or online and receive simultaneous college and high school credit.  Interested persons should contact their high school counselor at Taft, Newport, Toledo, or Waldport High School.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Expanded Options Program, LCSD juniors and seniors must be:

1) in good standing;
2) sixteen years of age or older;
3) not yet graduated from high school; and
4) college-ready and able to benefit from an adult, college-level learning environment.

Placement Testing Required for All Expanded Options Applicants

Eligible students must take OCCC’s College Placement Test (COMPASS) at their earliest convenience to determine college readiness. At the time of the testing appointment, students must provide a testing voucher available from the student's high school counselor.  Please call 541-867-8501 for an appointment.

Expanded Options Applicant Recognition of Expectations
Applicants to the Expanded Options program (and their parents) recognize that:

Academic freedom is part of the college learning environment
• Academic integrity is expected
• A college learning environment is by its nature adult-oriented
• Grading is a faculty responsibility
• Library and internet use is not censored
• Students are responsible for their learning and conduct

Expanded Options Registration Procedures

Juniors and seniors, 16 years and older,  referred by their high school counselors to take THE COMPASS Test, will now return to their counselors with the COMPASS scores.  Students qualified to continue with the Expanded Option Process will discuss the course selection that they and their Counselor have chosen.   These new Expanded Option (EO) Juniors and Seniors will provide OCCC with an EXPANDED OPTION PACKET, which will include the signed/dated voucher and their COMPASS scores.

All admitted EO students must provide OCCC with a voucher signed/dated by their Counselor prior to registration for any term.  They may register for their approved courses Fall, Winter and Spring terms.