Waldport Campus

This Winter Term, OCCC is bringing new Community Education classes to its South County Center in Waldport. If you live in South Lincoln County and would be interested in teaching a non-credit class in Waldport in Spring or during the ’17-18 school year, email us.

Drawing for Beginners

From properly sharpening a pencil to basic perspectives, this class will help sharpen skills and prompt personal projects. Students will be able to use skills learned in this class to enhance observational skills as well as the ability to render form, volume, and perspective in drawings. Tools for this class will be really simple, just pencils, paper, and erasers.


Wednesdays, Jan. 11-Feb. 8, 1-3pm

Tuition:  $50

Instructor: Sean Hollenhors

Lincoln City

Wednesdays, Feb. 22-March 22, 1-3pm

Tuition:  $50

Instructor: Sean Hollenhors

To register, email us or call 541-996-6222.

‘Have a Pleasant Present’

This class is about assisting people in understanding that our own personal belief system and self-talk set us up to perceive the world either negatively or positively. We are influenced and become preconditioned by and through our upbringing and life experiences. As this happens so slowly during our lives, and we become resigned to the “usual outcome”, we are not conscious of the patterns being formed. After resigning ourselves to the “it’s just the way it is” way of life, there is often the onset of depression and anxiety.

    By exploring and learning to recognize our own patterns and triggers as well as recognizing that we can give ourselves options to view situations from different perspectives, we can then be open to make choices that painlessly create new growth and joy.

    During the class, there will be time for personal exploration and sharing of personal experiences by class members. There will be helpful hand outs and the creation of personal flash cards by class members.


Tuesday, Feb. 21 & 28, Noon-2pm

Tuition:  $40

Instructor: Violet Young

To register, email us or call 541-996-6222.

Digital Camera Basics

Students will bring their camera and camera manuals. They will have hands on practice in the following areas: Camera modes, image quality settings, shutter release, focusing modes, area of the frame, flash modes, white balance, metering modes, the exposure triangle and histograms. Each area will be explained and students will find these camera settings on their cameras.


Offered twice: Choose Wed., Feb. 22 or Wed., March 15, 2-5pm

Tuition: $25

Instructor: Jeffery Cox

To register, email us or call 541-996-6222.

For Businesses:

Social Media:
Keeping Up With the Changes

Are you using the right social media tools for your business? There are many platforms, and each one works differently. Each can provide different results for different types of businesses. They also have different tools, strategies, clients and markets. How can a small business keep up, and find the time to manage their social media effectively – while also having enough time to, you know, run their business? This class will cover the many changes, updates and functionality of each platform, and how to determine which may work best for your particular business. This class will highlight changes in social media platforms like:

• Facebook target marketing, Instant Articles & More

• Instagram contests    • Twitter and Twitter leads

• LinkedIn: Marketing, groups, jobs and business pages


Wednesday, Feb. 15 • 2-5pm

Tuition:  $35

Instructor: Misty Lambrecht

To register, email us or call 541-994-4166.