GED & Adult General Education Classes

These classes are designed to help with the general education of adult learners (aged 16 and up) who want to prepare for the GED Test or improve skills for enrollment in further education. Adults who want to gain confidence in the workplace by brushing up or improving their writing or math skills also benefit from these classes. Class sizes are small, and caring instructors are committed to helping students achieve their academic goals. Reading, writing, math, critical thinking, and general academic development are addressed in multi-skill, supportive classrooms.

GED Class Schedule for Summer 2016

Newport GED Day Class Meeting Days/Times
12-2:50 pm Monday & Wednesday in Room 27, Newport OCCC Campus. (8 weeks)

Newport GED Day Class Orientations
12-2:50 pm in Room 25. (Must attend both days of orientation.)

Orientation Session: June 20 & 22 (The next orientations for GED classes meet the week of Sept. 26.)
Instructor: Megan Miller-Morgan
Orientation Facilitator: Roberta Green

Newport GED Night Class Meeting Days/Times/Location
5:30-8:20 pm at Oceanspray Family Center, 1039 NW Nye St. (8 weeks)

Newport GED Night Class Orientations
5:30-8:20 pm at Oceanspray Family Center, 1039 NW Nye St.

Orientation Session: June 20 & 22 (Must attend both sessions of orientation.)
Instructor: Megan Miller-Morgan
Orientation Facilitator: Roberta Green


Lincoln City Morning GED Class Days/Times
9 am – 12pm in Room 123 (6 weeks.)

Morning GED Class OrientationTuesday & Thursday, June 21 & 23 (Must attend both sessions of orientation.)
Instructor & Orientation Facilitator: Julie Otrugman
Note: There will be no Lincoln City Evening GED Class this summer.


For more information about GED/Adult General Education Classes and Orientations, please contact Roberta Green at (541) 867-8535 or

For GED Testing Information, visit this page
or call the testing office at (541) 867-8505.