‘Have a Pleasant Present’

Techniques for Creating Inner Peace in Stressful Times

“This class is about assisting people in understanding that our own personal belief system and self-talk set us up to perceive the world either negatively or positively,” explains instructor Violet Young. “We are influenced and become preconditioned by and through our upbringing and life experiences. Because this happens so slowly during our lives, and we become resigned to the “usual outcome”, we are not conscious of the patterns being formed. After resigning ourselves to the “it’s just the way it is” way of life, there is often the onset of depression and anxiety. By exploring and learning to recognize our own patterns and triggers as well as recognizing that we can give ourselves options to view situations from different perspectives, we can then be open to make choices that painlessly create new growth and joy. Have A Pleasant Present is uniquely tailored to fit the current students so that each person comes away feeling heard. During the class there is time for personal exploration and sharing of experiences by class members. There will be helpful hand outs and art projects that will enable the each participant to create personal tools they can use during and after the class is over to maintain their new found understanding. Students who have taken this class report that they are enjoying their lives more, that they feel more positively about themselves and that they are motivated to be more kind to and aware of the needs of others.”

Instructor: Violet Young
Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30pm • Feb. 20-March 27 • $45
Central County Center • Newport
REGISTER HERE or call 541-996-6222

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