Arts in Japanese Life

Arts in Japanese Life is designed for students to get a sense of Japanese aesthetics and other concepts in a broader cultural context. Fall class is the first of a three-term series. Examples are presented by slide shows, actual sample works and then hands-on activities. The instructor who is a Japanese art historian and also the owner/chef of Yaquinadon will talk about art elements and give a cooking demonstration. The menu links to the art topic each session. After cooking, the whole class can enjoy the foods and will discuss about the topic of the week.

The tentative topics are as below but may change without notice.

Week: Art topic and food

1: A concept of art in Japan- tea culture and simple tea demonstration.
Matcha green tea and Mochi sweet rice cake.

2: A brief chronological outline of Japanese art history.
Ichiju sansai Three side dishes and soup.

3: Sense of colors.
Chirashizushi Scattered sushi.

4: Symbols and other designs.
Nimono Cooked stuff.

5: Mitate (allegory, parody, likened etc.)
Tsukimi Udon Egg on the top of Udon noodle soup.

6: Beauty of wrapping.
Onigiri Rice balls.

7:  Mingling culture.
Karēraisu Curry and rice.

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