Love Lives Forever

“This class addresses, in a low-key, understandable and accepting manner, the concept that Love Never Dies and that connecting with deceased loved ones is possible,” wrote instructor Violet Young. “The class is suitable for anyone who is open to the possibility of life after death or anyone who may may have experienced unexplained events after the death of a loved one but is unsure if they have received actual messages. Love Lives Forever assists participants in becoming more aware of the possibility of messages from beyond the veil. In my experience, many people have experienced messages and visitations but are often self-conscious or afraid to actually believe it. People who are dealing with grief and loss often suffer loneliness, anxiety and depression. Love Lives Forever helps people to feel less isolated and confused, leading to more self-acceptance and self-love to assist with the grieving/healing journey.  I present my own experiences since my husband crossed over on April 6, 2015, as well as personal experiences with other family members. The class is a forum for people to share their own experiences and thoughts about the possibility that they have received messages from their loved ones and to explore their feelings about the experiences. Love Lives Forever is spiritually based however not religious. In a non-threatening way I assist people in becoming more open and aware, discerning and receptive of possible messages from loved ones. During the class techniques for quieting the mind, meditating and choosing a medium are offered as well as hand outs and a Resource List. Students who have taken this class report feeling comforted, validated in their experiences and more open to experiencing the connections.”

South County Center • Waldport
Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30pm • Jan. 9-Feb. 13 • $45
Instructor: Violet Young
REGISTER HERE or call 541-996-6222

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