Mosaic Tiles

A basic introduction to the art of mosaics. including a brief history of the art form, as well as the range of techniques applied over time.

The opening project will be the production of a mosaic mirror, utilizing the so-called “direct method”, a task that will be completed by the end of the first session. The second session will involve a review of the many materials used in mosaics, and hands-on exercises using a range of tools and techniques that the students will then use during the remainder of the term.  It will include illustrations of some of the basic techniques used by mosaicists.

The second session will conclude with the students selecting from a large corpus of mosaic pieces a work that they will then proceed to build during the next classes.   Whether they complete this single work or proceed to another will depend upon the degree of complexity of their selected work as well as the abilities of the students to master the necessary techniques.  The size of the individual projects will vary, and will generally be in the area of 12” x 12”.

The remaining sessions will be devoted to the mosaic tasks, and, when needed, additional instructions, including gluing, grouting, mounting, and framing.  Because each student will be selecting his/her unique object, the methods, materials, and processes will vary considerably.

Central County Campus • Newport
Fridays, 1-4pm • Sept. 28-Nov. 16
$95 • Plus $20 Materials Fee
Instructor: Gene Sterud
To register, click here or  call 541-996-6222
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