Academic Programs and Services

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When you begin your academic journey at Oregon Coast Community College,
you get a great start for your future!


Oregon Coast Community College offers a wide range of programs and
services to support successful learning. We encourage you to take advantage
of all of our learning resources as needed.

Advising Specialists are available for academic advisement to help you plan a
course of study. Advising Specialists are available to all students on a walk-in basis and advisors help with program requirements, educational options, test interpretation, course placement, transfer information, and career and educational planning.

Our Library is an outstanding resource on campus and your first stop for research. We have a team of friendly professionals ready to help you locate the information you need. Library services are available on-site and online to students, the college community, and the larger community.

The College offers a variety of academic programs, degree options,  professional and health science certificates, dozens of Community Education and Workforce Development classes and certificates. We design our programs to maximize your success. Our class sizes are small, ensuring you will receive plenty of individual attention. Scheduling is flexible, allowing you to work around other commitments.

The academic division of Oregon Coast Community College provides learning opportunities to a wide variety of Lincoln County’s citizens, and to many others who come from elsewhere.

Consistent with the college mission as comprehensive community college in a student-centered learning environment, the division:

• Provides lower division transfer credit

• Provides a variety of courses and programs to prepare for employment

• Provides basic skill courses and programs, and remedial assistance

• Provides life-long learning opportunities

Through our academic programs, you can get an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree at Oregon Coast. If you plan to transfer to a university, you may apply for the Oregon Transfer degree, allowing you to transfer as a junior to any of the public universities in Oregon. We can help you customize your program and degree to fit the transfer requirements of almost any four-year school. Community college transfer students also perform as well or better than native students at senior institutions. So, check us out! Our academic programs are just another way Oregon Coast fits your needs, your schedule, and your style.