Program Outcomes and Requirements

Degrees and Certificates

Associate of Arts Transfer Degree (AAOT)
90 Credits
This is a transfer program that may serve the requirements of students transferring to baccalaureate programs at Oregon's Public Universities. The AAOT has rigorous requirements in mathematics, writing, science and social studies.

AAOT Learning Outcomes and Degree Requirements      

2012-2013 AAOT Degree Checklist

2013-2014 AAOT Degree Checklist

2014-2015 AAOT Degree Worksheet

Associate of Science Oregon Transfer (ASOT) in Business 90 Credits
This is a transfer program focusing on courses in Business Administration. It provides students with a marketable degree, while keeping their options open for transfer to a baccalaureate program at the junior level.

ASOT Learning Outcomes and Degree Requirements

2012-2013 ASOT Degree Checklist

2013-2014 ASOT Degree Checklist 

2014-2015 ASOT Degree Worksheet

Associate of General Studies (AGS)
90 Credits
The Associate of General Studies (AGS) degree provides flexibility for students by using a variety of college-level courses (generally 100-level or above) to design a two-year degree program in broad interdisciplinary areas. The AGS is tailored to your needs and interests while maintaining high general education standards. These courses can come from general education, academic, or collegiate-level professional-technical courses found in this catalog to meet Oregon Coast Community College's associate degree requirements. 

2012-2013 AGS Degree Checklist

2013-2014 AGS Degree Checklist

2014-2015 AGS Degree Worksheet

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree in Nursing
91 Credits
This two-year degree is a combination of nursing and transfer credits. This Associate Degree qualifies you to take the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEXLRN) to become a Registered Nurse (RN). For more information about this program, consult the OCCC Nursing Program web page.

Nursing AAS Learning Outcomes

AAS Learning Outcomes and Degree Requirements

2013-2014 AAS Nursing Degree Checklist

2014-2015 AAS Nursing Degree Checklist

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Aquarium Science Degree
93 Credits
This is a comprehensive two-year degree program of both theory and practical experience designed to prepare students for a career in aquatic animal husbandry. For more information about this program, consult the Aquarium Science Program web page.

Aquarium Science AAS Learning Outcomes

2013-2014 AQS AAS Degree Checklist

AQS AAS Degree Curriculum Map

Associate of
Applied Science (AAS)
in Criminal Justice
92    Credits
The Criminal Justice Program is designed to prepare students  for entry-level positions in the criminal justice field. The field of criminal justice includes jobs such as law enforcement officers, probation and parole officers, corrections officers and juvenile workers.  For more information about this program, consult the Criminal Justice web page.

AAS Learning Outcomes and Degree Requirements

2013-2014 CJ Degree Checklist

2013-2014 CJ Curriculum Map

2014-2015 CJ Curriculum Map

Aquarium Science Certificate
53 Credits
This certificate is available to students who already have a Bachelor's degree in a Life Sciences discipline. Courses are taken over one academic year. For more information about this program, consult the Aquarium Science Program web page.

2011-2012 AQS Certificate Degree Checklist

2013-2014 AQS Certificate Degree Checklist

AQS Certificate Curriculum Map

Medical Assistant 
The Medical Assistant Program prepares students for entry level employment in a physician's clinic or a variety of other healthcare settings. Program graduates will have the academic, administrative and clinical skills necessary for an allied healthcare professional. 

Medical Assistant Program Outcomes

2012-2013 MA Checklist

2013-2014 MA Checklist

Oregon Transfer Module (OTM) 45 Credits
The Oregon Transfer Module (OTM) provides a one-year curriculum for students who plan to transfer to a state of Oregon community college or university. The module allows students to complete one year of general education foundation course work that is academically sound and will meet the admission standards of the receiving school.

OTM Learning Outcomes and Requirements I Roadmap

2013-2014 OTM Degree Checklist