OCCC Associated Student Government


The Associated Student Government of Oregon Coast Community College (ASGOCCC) is the official organization representing Oregon Coast Community
College students. ASGOCCC operates under a constitution designed to promote student activities and a student voice. ASGOCCC provides an important link to
other students, college staff, and the general public through various activities.

The OCCC Associated Student Government is directed by officers elected by the general student body each spring, or in the case of vacant positions, by special
elections held during the school year. All students are invited to attend ASGOCCC meetings to give voice and suggestions. ASGOCCC is a voting member of Oregon
Community Colleges Student Association (OCCSA), a statewide organization representing all community college students in the state of Oregon.

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Rights of the Associated Student Government

Chartering of Student Organizations:

Only Members of the Associated Student Government of OCCC (ASGOCCC) will approve

the chartering of student organizations subject to the approval of the College President.

Student organizations will be required to submit a statement of purpose, criteria for membership, and rules of procedures before the granting of a charter, as outlined in the ASGOCCC constitution and by laws. They will not be required to submit a membership list as a condition of institutional recognition.

Each organization will choose its own advisor from the OCCC staff. If an advisor is not selected by the organization, the College may assign an advisor. Institutional recognition will not be withheld or withdrawn solely because of the inability of a student organization to secure an advisor. Co-advisors may be secured from off campus. Campus advisers may advise organizations in the exercise of responsibility, but they will not have the authority to dictate the policy of such organizations.

Affiliations with an off-campus organization will not prevent institutional recognition, unless the affiliation seriously threatens to cause a substantial disruption or material interference with normal operation of the College. Campus organizations, including those affiliated with an off-campus organization, will be open to all students in accordance with applicable college policies.

Student Participation in the Institutional Government:

As constituents of OCCC, students will be free to express their views on issues of institutional policy and on matters of general interest to the students. The students and/or their association are given the opportunity to provide input in the formulation and application of institutional policy. To this end, students are encouraged to attend OCCC Board of Education meetings.