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 MODA is our  medical provider

Health/Rx provider, learn more about them and your current benefits here: MODA
2017-18 HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) Administered by DBS (Diversified Benefits Services)


2018-19  Plan Information   2018- Plan Detail

Federally Required

(Employee participation is optional*, OCCC contributes to monthly premium)

1. Medical & Pharmacy

     Dogwood Plan—PPO or Synergy w/HRA
  • Deductible: $300 per person (max of 3 people for $900)
  • Out of Pocket Limit: $2,900 per person (max of 3 people for $8,700)

2. Vision

  • Moda Opal Plan
  • Moda Pearl Plan
  • Moda Quartz Plan
  • VSP Choice Plus Plan
  • VSP Choice Plan

3. Dental & Orthodontia

  • Premier Plan 1—Delta Dental Premier Network
  • Premier Plan 2—Delta Dental Premier Network
  • Premier Plan 6—Delta Dental Premier Network (no Ortho)
  • Exclusive PPO Plan—Delta Dental PP Network
  • Willamette Dental Plan
Health Futures Incentive Program has been discontinued.
*Employees that opt out of medical, vision & dental will receive $50 per month into their 403b account.

State Mandated

(OCCC pays monthly premium, employee participation is required)

4. Accidental Death & Dismemberment Basic (Standard)

  • Pan 2-Benefit Level $10,000

5. Long Term Disability (Standard)

  •  Plan 21-Waiting period 90 days, monthly max $4,000

6. Basic Life (Standard)

  • Plan 3-Benefit Level $10,000

 Self-Pay Optional

(Employee pays monthly premium**, participation is optional, opportunity to insure SP/DP/and/or child(ren) when EE participates.)

7. Accidental Death & Dismemberment (Standard)

Benefit Level

  • $10,000-$500,000 (EE/SP/DP)
  •  $2,000-$10,000 (DEP)

8. Optional Life Insurance Plan

(Standard) Benefit Level

  • $10,000-$500,000 (EE/SP/DP)
  •  $2,000-$10,000 (DEP) 2018-19

Open Enrollment offers an opportunity for $200,000 coverage with no medical exam.

9. New for 2018-2019 Short Term Disability

  • (Standard) Plan 14-Waiting period 14 days, weekly max $1,500, duration 90 days.

Insurance Plan Design Detail

OCCC Health and HRA  Plan and  Premium detail 2018-19 Health Insurance – Dogwood and HRA detail

OCCC  Dental and Vision Plan and Premium detail –  OCCC Premium and Plan detail

Dental, Vision a Plans Design 2018-19  –  OEBB Plan Detail

Life and AD&D Insurance, Long Term Disability and Short Term Disability –  The Standard


What is OCCC’s premium support for 2018-19?

Management, Technical & Confidential Staff will be tiered as follows:

  • Employee (EE) only          $640
  • EE & Child(ren)                $1,050
  • EE/Spouse (SP)/DP          $1,100
  • EE/SP/DP & Child(ren)     $1,540

Faculty premium support is under negotiation- will be either tiered or flat rate.

Classified premium support is a flat rate  $1,050 (with HRA).

2018-19 HRA and FSA

2017-18 HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) Administered by DBS (Diversified Benefits Services)

Sign into the HRA portal at

In the upper right hand corner you will the log in for ASAP user log in.

First time to the sight you will need to create an account- Our pin is OCCC.

Once you have your account created, you can go to the claims tab to upload  EOB’s.  It is that simple.

You can  track your account balances  on the claims tab as well.

On the forms tab you will find a claim form and a direct deposit form.


2017-18 HRA and FSA

2017-18 HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) Administered by IntegraFlex: HRA Information

HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) and FSA (Flex Spending Account) administered by IntegraFlex- HRA/FSA detail