Payment Options

Don't be caught off guard by OCCC's new Pay Your Way to Success policy.  Pay in full or make college approved payment arrangements by the Thursday prior to the start of the term to avoid being automatically dropped from your classes.  Your registration is secure if you have a financial aid award letter, have set up a college approved payment plan, have arranged with Accounts Receivable for a third party payment, or have a scholarship that will cover your student account balance for the term.

For more information, please watch a brief video about Pay Your Way to Success.

If you have financial aid questions, please email  If you have questions regarding third party payments or scholarships, please email

Payment Obligations
By registering for a class at Oregon Coast Community College, you have incurred a legal obligation to pay all tuition, fees, and any other charges relating to your enrollment, even if your charges are being paid by another party. Unless you officially drop your courses within the full refund period each term, you are obligated to meet the payment deadline foound on the academic calendar.

Late Payment Fee

A late payment fee of $50 will be charged if you do not meet OCCC's payment requirements.

Payment Options

Payments may be made by any of the following methods:

  • Credit Cards: Discover Card, VISA & MasterCard
  • Cash: US funds only
  • Checks: Personal checks, travelers checks, cashiers checks, and money orders are accepted. Make check payable to Oregon Coast Community College. A $25 charge and all collection costs, including court costs, will be charged on returned checks. After receiving two returned checks from you, all future payments must be made by cash, credit card, or cashiers check.  Personal checks will no longer be accepted. Returned checks of any nature, including NSF and stop payment, do not cancel your financial obligation for payment.
  • Financial Aid: Financial aid awards will be applied to your account.  You are responsible for any remaining balance.  Financial aid funds in excess of the student account balance will be refunded. 
  • Alternate Funding Source/Third Party Payments: Present official payment authorization to Sharon Hahn, Accounts Receivable/Bookstore Manager (541-867-8504).  Note:  You can use the mail slot in the Commons at OCCC's Central County Campus to leave paperwork for Sharon.  If you have questions, please contact Sharon Hahn directly.

Installment Payment Plan (Deferred Payment Plan)

The College offers an installment payment plan to help you meet your tuition expenses more easily. You can arrange for a payment plan at the Central County Campus or North County Center Student Services Office or on-line at myOCCC. Any student may participate in the Installment Payment Plan, except those noted below. If you qualify, the following conditions apply:
  • you must register using your social security number
  • a $20 processing fee will be charged
  • a minimum payment of 1/3 plus the $20 processing fee must be made by Thursday prior to the beginning of classes each term
  • the remaining balance, after down payment, will be divided into two equal installments. A late payment charge of $25 will be added to the outstanding balance for each installment that is not made by the due date
  • any balance remaining on the last day of the term may immediately be referred to a collection agency, the Oregon Department of Revenue, or an attorney for collection. Collection and/or attorney fees will be added to the outstanding balance
  • any balance due may be deducted from all financial assistance or scholarships awarded to you
  • you will not be allowed to register for subsequent terms until your account is paid in full
    NOTE: The Installment Payment Plan is not available to:
  • students receiving full funding from financial assistance, scholarships, or alternate source
  • students owing less than $100