Dogless Dog Training

NEW for Fall 2018!  Are you considering adding a dog to your life and are not sure what breed or mix might be a good fit for you? Do you have an unruly dog that is not able to attend classes in the traditional way? Do you find it distracting to learn new things while juggling a boisterous puppy?

Are you interested in learning lots of cool ways to train dogs? Then this class is for you! Join us while we learn about how dogs learn, what motivates them and add a bunch of tools to your dog training tool box.

We will discuss, demonstrate and also offer optional hands on instruction for the basics such as:

• House Training
• Manners
• Walking on a Loose Leash
• Sit, Down, Come, Stay
• Eye Contact
• Passive Training Techniques (Easy)
• Default Settings (Automatic) responses)
• Potty on Command (No joke!)
• Heel, Place, Leave it, Trade
• Retrieving (Most dogs can pick this up, pun intended)
Plus more!

We will use gentle but highly effective techniques to help you help your dog or puppy to be the very best canine citizen they can be. Meanwhile we will actually teach you how to teach your dog. Our goal is not just teach you how to train your dog to sit, etc. But to teach you how to teach your dog and you will be able to carry that knowledge with you and teach your dog pretty much anything you want them to learn.

THURSDAYS, 11 – 12:30
Jan. 24-March 28    $55
Note: Revised dates, versus published schedule
REGISTER HERE or call 541-996-6222

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“Is that really a Service Dog?”

How to know if the dog you see is legit or just a pet with an official looking vest on it. There is so much confusion these days as to what a Service Dog is as well as how a dog qualifies as a Service Dog. This seminar will help you to answer these questions and also teach proper etiquette in regards to Service Dogs and what to do if you suspect the dog is just a pet.

WEDNESDAY • JAN 9 • 3:30-4:30PM

Register here, or call 541-996-6222.

REGISTER HERE or call 541-996-6222

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