Philosophy Course Descriptions

Scheduling requirements and limited resources prevent all courses from being offered every term or every year.  Some courses may be offered exclusively via distance delivery. Course numbers, titles, course and program applicability, prerequisites, instructional format, delivery methods, and content may change without notice.  Students are advised to consult with an advising specialist each term to select courses, create and maintain personal educational plans, and obtain the most current information.

PHL 101

(3.00 Lecture Hrs./Wk.) 3 Credits

Students learn to use philosophy as a discipline to apply to all human experience and knowledge, and understand the philosophical questions that have focused human speculation about reality, humanity, the mind and the self throughout human history.


PHL 102

(3.00 Lecture Hrs./Wk.) 3 Credits

Students develop an understanding of key ethical problems that have confronted mankind across cultures and times, ethical codes used to resolve them, and how these can be applied to current social issues.


PHL 103

(3.00 Lecture Hrs./Wk.) 3 Credits

Students develop concepts and tools for rational analysis and creative thinking, and learn to ssess habits of mind that lead to shallow and fallacious thinking.