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An administrative assistant possesses advanced knowledge of popular software applications, as well as excellent communication and interpersonal skills. An administrative assistant is prepared to make decisions, set priorities, and establish work flow. Students who successfully complete the Administrative Assistant Degree will develop skills and knowledge appropriate to an entry-level office position as an administrative assistant.

The program’s emphasis is on using business software, communication tools, and emerging technologies.
Students must also meet Associate Degree Comprehensive Requirements and Associate of Applied Science Requirements. Students must complete a total of sixteen credits of General Education.  (Minimum 94 credits)

  • Apply planning and time management principles to accomplish workplace efficiency and achieve company objectives.
  • Assess and analyze new tasks to determine what computer technology should be utilized to effectively complete the tasks.
  • Effectively communicate their own creative and critical ideas; respond effectively both verbally an in written format to the spoken, written, and visual ideas of others.
  • Establish and follow procedures to manage digital and hard copy office documents.
  • Exhibit people skills to deal effectively with a variety of personalities and diverse individuals.
  • Perform general office tasks: plan and participate in meetings, coordinate travel arrangements, schedule appointments, greet clients/customers, and process mail.
  • Produce professional, error-free, timely documents by using current and emerging software and hardware technology.
  • Understand roles within teams, work units, departments, and organizations to identify the effect of systems on the activities of a business or an organization.
  • Use critical thinking, organization and problem solving to effectively manage numeric, alphabetic and digital data.

 All programs of study in CAS/OS recommend placement in:
• WR 115
• RD 115
• MTH 20
• Keyboarding by touch, or CAS 121.

Additional skill requirements are specified in course descriptions. Placement examinations to assist students in selecting appropriate writing and mathematics courses are required prior to registration. Students with questions about entry-level readiness should arrange to meet with an advisor, or click here to request additional information via our simple form.

Academic Requirements

All courses in the degrees and certificates within the CAS/OS program must be completed with a grade of “C” or “P” or better.

Administrative Assistant Degree Courses

  • BA 111  Introduction to Accounting 3*
  • BA 205 Business Communication Using Technology 4
  • BA 285 Human Relations-Organizations 3
  • BA 177 Payroll Accounting 3 or BA 228 Computer Accounting Applications
  • CAS 109 Beginning PowerPoint 1
  • CAS 123 Production Keyboarding 3
  • CAS 133 Basic Computer Skills/Microsoft Office (or Admin Asst Degree Electives) 4
  • CAS 140 Beginning Access 3
  • CAS 170 Beginning Excel 3
  • CAS 216 Beginning Word 3
  • CAS 217 Intermediate Word 3
  • CAS 246 Integrated Computer Projects 4
  • OS 131 10-key on Calculators 1
  • OS 220 Business Editing Skills 4
  • OS 240 Filing and Records Management 4
  • OS 245 Office Systems and Procedures 4
  • OS 280F Cooperative Education: Administrative Assistant 4
  • WR 121 English Composition 4
  • Admin Asst Business Electives 6
  • Admin Asst Degree Electives 14
  • General Education 16

Total Credits 94
* Course cannot be substituted for another course.


Administrative Assistant Business Electives
Any BA course in addition to the required BA courses from the Administrative Assistant certificate. May not include BA 131 if CAS 133 was taken.

Administrative Assistant Degree Electives
May take any CAS/OS course in addition to the required CAS/OS courses from the Administrative Assistant degree or certificate. CIS 178 may be taken as a CAS/OS Elective.


Program Costs:
In addition to tuition, estimated costs for students who complete the entire program listed below are books, $950; class fees, $203; equipment and supplies, $400. Contact Student Services at 541-867-8503 to find out about Financial Aid eligibility.

Roadmap Link:

State of Oregon Employment Department https://www.qualityinfo.org/home

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