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This certificate provides students with a marketable skills and enhanced career prospects. In less than one year, students will be able compete for jobs across a wide spectrum of industries. All businesses need talented, reliable accounting teams.

Certificate Options & Outcomes

Accelerated Accounting Less Than One-Year Certificate

Minimum 29 credits. Students must meet all certificate requirements.
Certificate Outcome:
Students who successfully complete the One-Year Accounting Certificate will develop basic skills and introductory knowledge appropriate for entry-level bookkeeping and accounting positions.

Accelerated Accounting Certificate Courses
BA 111 1 Introduction to Accounting 3
BA 177 Payroll Accounting 3
BA 211 Principles of Accounting I 3
BA 228 Computer Accounting Applications 3
CAS 121 2 Beginning Keyboarding 3 or CAS 122 Keyboarding for Speed and Accuracy
CAS 170 Beginning Excel 3
or CAS 171 Intermediate Excel
CAS 216 Beginning Word 3 or CAS 217 Intermediate Word
CG 209 Job Finding Skills 1
OS 131 10-key on Calculators 1

Choose one of the following: 3
WR 90 Writing 90
WR 115 Introduction to Expository Writing
WR 121 English Composition

Business Program Electives (list provided by PCC) 3
Total Credits 29

Students who have completed high school bookkeeping or have had work experience with full-cycle bookkeeping responsibilities should substitute a business elective and start the accounting series BA 211 in the second term. Students who can touch type more than 40 words per minute should substitute an approved business elective.

Entry-Level Accounting Clerk Certificate

Minimum 14 credits. Students must meet all certificate requirements. The Entry-Level Accounting Clerk Certificate is a Career Pathway. All courses are contained in the Accounting AAS Degree.

Certificate Outcomes:
• Analyze, record, and report accounting information
• Communicate effectively with business professionals.
• Use applicable technology available in accounting practice.

Entry-Level Accounting Clerk Courses
BA 101 Introduction to Business 4
BA 111 Introduction to Accounting 3
BA 131 Introduction to Business Technology 4
BA 228 Computer Accounting Applications 3=
Total Credits 14

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