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OCCC’s GED & Adult General Education Classes prepare adult learners for college study, employment, or the GED Test. Reading, writing, math, critical thinking, and general academic development are taught through a variety of means by caring and dedicated faculty. These classes also welcome pre-college students who want to improve or brush-up on skills to help them raise their college placement test scores and enter their chosen course of study or occupation.

General Education Classes (GED)

Registration is completed during the mandatory orientation at the start of each term.

Adults who want to strengthen their workplace writing or math skills also benefit from these classes. Additionally, parents who want to better help their children and teens with schoolwork find these classes helpful.  Day and evening classes are available, both in Newport and Lincoln City. Click here for the Fall 2018 GED Class Schedule.

More questions? We’ve got answers! Click here to read our GED Frequently Asked Questions page.

Orientation Sessions

A 2-Session Orientation is required before enrolling in GED & Adult General Education Classes. Orientation consists of assessments in reading, math and writing to determine the areas in which each student needs to focus; information about the GED Test; general information about the College (services, resources, and programs it offers); class policies; and provides plenty of time for questions and answers. It’s also an opportunity for those who are unsure about attending class to get more information in a friendly and comfortable setting.  Orientations are typically held twice each term; first in the first week of the term and again in mid-term.

Upon entering any Basic Skills Class, students are given assessments to determine the skills and subject areas in which they need to concentrate. Students can then set goals and focus attention on areas of their individual needs. There is a strong commitment to finding the best way for each individual to learn most effectively. Those who have been out of school for some time will find a relaxed, friendly, and encouraging environment in which to start studying again.

OCCC Tutoring Center

Find complete information about OCCC’s Tutoring Center, here.

Oregon Coast Community College provides FREE tutorial services for all students.

Tutors are available in math, reading, writing, computer skills, GED, science, and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Contact the Tutor Coordinator for more information via email or 541-867-8541.

If you are interested in additional study material, explore available subject areas here.

To request a tutor

Please complete a Tutor Request Form. You can find one outside of room 007 or at Student Services at Central Campus, and the front desk at North Center. Once you have completed the form please return it to the Tutor Coordinator during regular office hours. If you would like an electronic copy you can request one from the coordinator at

To become a volunteer tutor

Volunteer tutors are always needed, and are welcome to join us at any time during the year. The only qualifications are a GED or High School Diploma, patience, and an ability to communicate effectively with a diverse population of individuals. If you would like to volunteer with our program please fill out a Volunteer Tutor Application. If you would like to learn more, please visit our webpage. When you have completed a Volunteer Tutor Application, simply return it to the Tutor Coordinator and schedule an orientation to the program.

Career Services

The Tutoring Center has a new neighbor! The Career and Transfer Readiness Center (CTRC) is open for business.  If you need help with resumes, cover letters, interview preparation, or job search assistance then come see us in room 005 on Central Campus. The hours of operation are posted on the door and you can always come to the tutoring center for assistance as needed. The Tutor Coordinator now doubles as a certified Career Development Facilitator.

Learn more

OCCC Tutoring Center
400 SE College Way, Newport Oregon 97366
(541) 867-8541



Megan Miller-Morgan
GED/Adult General Ed Instructor – Newport Days
(541) 867-8519

Patricia DiGiulio
GED/Adult General Ed Instructor – Newport Evenings
(541) 867-8557

Julie Reynolds-Otrugman
GED/Adult General Ed Instructor – Lincoln City Mornings & Evenings

Will Quillian
ESOL Instructor – Newport mornings and evenings
(541) 867-8517

Tutor Coordinator
OCCC Tutoring Center
(541) 867-8502

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