Nursing Students

The Medical Assistant Program prepares students for entry level employment in a physician’s clinic or a variety of other healthcare settings. Program graduates will have the academic, administrative and clinical skills necessary for an allied healthcare professional

Oregon Coast Community College (OCCC)  has an articulation agreement with the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT), for students graduating from the Medical Assistant Program to enable the students to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management, Administration Option at Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT).

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Upon completion of the Medical Assistant Training Program students will:

  1. Interact in a caring and respectful manner with patients, families, and the health care team.
  2. Establish and manage office procedures and implement medical documentation systems using appropriate medical terminology.
  3. Perform the administrative business tasks required in a medical office.
  4. Assist the physician and other members of the health care team in clinical procedures related to the examination and treatment of patients.
  5. Comply with quality assurance requirements in performing clinical laboratory procedures.
  6. Perform common diagnostic procedures under a licensed health care provider to ensure patient comfort and safety.

Overview of the Role of Medical Assistants

Perform administrative and clinical duties under the direction of a physician or other medical practitioner. Administrative duties may include scheduling appointments, keeping medical records, billing, and insurance coding.

Employers look for candidates who can demonstrate they have the qualities necessary for success in the medical assistant field: candidates who:

  • Can think critically, solve problems and  construct practical solution
  • Have excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills
  • Are nonjudgmental about the diverse populations of people
  • Are service oriented
  • Have the abilities for social perceptiveness

Video: Learn about the Medical Assistant Field

Forms and admission documents

Students must pass Fall term Medical Assisting classes to continue in the program.

Medical Assistant Course Content and Outcome

NCMA 113 | Clinical Practicum I

NCMA 123 | Clinical Practicum II

NCMA 125 | Pharmacology