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Here, Even our Batting is Above Average

Introduction to Quilting

Judy Anderson

This introduction to quilting is designed to give the student the knowledge and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of quilting projects. This class will cover how to choose fabrics for a quilt while considering value, pattern size, color compatibility and contrast. Fabric quality will also be discussed. This class will cover threads and which ones to use, how to read and follow a quilting pattern, tools, sewing machines, how to cut perfect pieces, how to achieve the proper seam allowance and the correct pressing of seams.
Instructor: Judy Anderson & Sherry Sutton
Thursdays, 2-5pm • April 12 – June 7 • $160, +$20 Materials Fee
Central County Campus • Newport • {Register}

We’d Sail Across A Notion for This Class

Beginning Sewing

This beginning sewing class will cover how to thread, operate and care for a sewing machine and which sewing machine needle is used for which project. This class will also cover which thread to use and how to choose the appropriate fabric for the project at hand. Then the class will learn how to read and use a pattern, we’ll cover notions and tools, each student will create at least one simple item and perhaps more as time allows. At the end of the term the student can expect to be able to confidently interpret patterns and continue to sew and create on their own.
Instructor: Judy Anderson & Sherry Sutton
Mondays, 2-5pm • April 9 – June 11 • No Class May 28
$160, plus $20 Materials fee • Central County Campus • Newport • {Register}

Knitting for Beginners

An introduction to the process of knitting and all that goes with it such as learning about knitting needles, gauge, various stitches, reading and following a pattern, knitting terms, different weights of yarn and their uses. The course will teach how to cast on and the other knitting stitches as well as how to finish the item by binding off. The student will create a usable wearable item and once this course is finished the student should be able to continue practicing and improving on their own while creating tangible products.
Instructor: Judy Anderson
Tuesdays, 2-5pm • April 10-June 12
$95, plus $10 materials fee
Central County Campus • Newport • {Register}

Unravel, With Crochet

Learn how to crochet. It’s not your grandmother’s crochet anymore. Crochet is trending, with lots of new and exciting patterns and designs. This beginning crochet class will walk you through how to chain stitch, single crochet, half-double crochet, double crochet, and other stitches. Students will learn about yarn selection, which crochet hook to use and how to read and follow a pattern. Each student will create a wearable item and, when this class is over, the student can expect to be able to continue to practice and improve and create by using the skills acquired here.
Instructor: Judy Anderson
fri., 2-5pm • April 13-June 15 • $95, + $10 materials fee
central county Campus • Newport • {Register}