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“I came to small business management program at OCCC at a desperate time seeking professional business counseling and I came away with so much more! I made lifelong friendships. One the greatest accents to the program is the insight to the coastal business dynamic. Monthly one on one counseling sessions provided excellent feedback and resources which paved an avenue for success. The greatest selling point for this program is the structure of the curriculum and experience of the teachers and advisors, the convenience and access to local and statewide business professionals, and the small class sizes for great interpersonal communication. ” — Tyler T., SBM Graduate, Spring 2016

SBM 2016

The SBM Class of 2016, which celebrated its graduation on June 15.

How would you like to have your own personal business consultant to meet with every month? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pick up the phone or e-mail someone whenever you have an inspiration or a challenging business question?

For more than two decades, the Oregon Coast Community College’s Small Business Development Center has offered a powerful Small Business Management Program, Class Start in Oct in Both Newport and Lincoln City

Class Topics:

Basic of Business Financials:

Understanding overhead costs, break even points and basic financial statements. This class will taking a look at what your overhead costs or fixed cost, is for your business. Secondly, we will evaluate what sales your business needs each month to cover the monthly fixed costs. Having a clear understanding of these costs and how to read basic financial statements can assist your business in setting goals for growth, evaluate pricing and planning for seasonal changes in sales, choosing whether to hire the next employee or, if you’re ready to expand into a new market.

Working in Competitive Markets

Understand why someone chooses your business over the competition. What makes you a unique business. We all can’t be the cheapest. Looking beyond the price of products, and develop the elevator sales pitch, taglines and prepare to close the sale. Does every person in your business know how to sell your product? Very few businesses are the one and only in their product or service. Does everything about your business express your values and the unique value of working with you over your competitors? This class will also discuss how to define the right client for you and weed out those you don’t want, as you don’t necessarily want every client.

Online boot camp

This class will look at everything your business does online, from your Google local listing to your website, business review sites, social media presence and email correspondence with clients. Does everything you do online show your brand, values and core message consistently? How to deal with incorrect information and how clients find you in an ever competitive, always changing world, on mass advertisements. What online market platform is best for you to reach your clients, where they are, while being available in the places they look?

Keeping the clients you have

Customer service, follow up with clients, reconnecting, asking for recommendations, covering warranties, and newsletters. How to reconnect with the customer to enhance the service and name recognition that gets referrals and return business. From simple things like business cards to Christmas presents to your largest clients. What are you doing to retain the clients you have and want to do business with again? What promotional products work? Doing the follow up and making the next deal before the first deal is over. Dealing with online reviews sites and overall protecting your reputation are all keys to keeping customers in your front door.

Over the course of a three-term academic year, our participants receive:
• Ten one-to-one, two-hour meetings with an SBDC advisor
• Meetings with an informal support group of a number of other SBM participants
• Nine SBM classes, plus access to more than a dozen additional sessions or workshops attended by your business peers.

If you would like more information about the SBM program, contact the Small Business Development Center at Oregon Coast Community College, 541-994-4166, to see whether this program is for you.

“The Small Business Management Program provided me with the tools, resources and, most importantly, encouragement I needed to get my new business off to a strong start.  This program is a great asset to our community!”  Jenica H., SBM Graduate, June 2016

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“The one-on-one with Misty has been invaluable – critical, key, vital, necessary – for the success of my business!” — Jeri K., SBM Graduate, June 2016

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To join the hundreds of Lincoln County entrepreneurs who count themselves among the select group of “SBM Alumni,” start by
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To learn more, call the SBDC at 541-994-4166 or email Misty Lambrecht, the SBM Coordinator.

The Small Business Management Alumni Program is available for those businesses who have graduated from the program in the last three years. This allows your business to attend any regularly SBM class or special alumni event during the 2016/2017 year. This does not included one on one counseling.  See the SBM Flyer 2016 for upcoming dates.

The cost is $100

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