Welcome to the Placement Workshop!

This site is designed to help you do your best on the Accuplacer and ALEKS Placement Tests. Accurate placement is important to ensure you are placed in the right class level, and may reduce the time and money that you spend in college. Starting in a class that is below your skill level may be boring for you, while starting in a class that is above your skill level may be too difficult.

The Accuplacer and ALEKS Placement tests are important first steps in your college journey. It is used to help ensure that you have a successful start in your college experience here at Oregon Coast Community College.

These workshops have been created by OCCC staff and faculty to prepare you to take the Placement Tests. Please take your time and be sure to use the links provided at the end of each corrected question as they have been carefully selected by OCCC faculty to help you study.

You are now ready for the Placement Test Workshop.

  • Please click on Reading Workshop to begin the first workshop.
  • When you have completed the Math portion of the workshop, please take the Writing Workshop.