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Oregon Coast Community College provides Lincoln County students with the opportunity to earn the first two years of a four-year degree here at home. By doing so, students are able to:

• Live at home for an extra two years, supporting families and saving on housing expenses

• Maintain existing employment through the first two years of their college careers

• Keep in touch with friends, relatives and support networks during their first two years

Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer

The Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree is an opportunity for students to complete lower division degree requirements at OCCC. Students who complete this degree will be able to transfer into upper division courses for a baccalaureate degree at any institution in the Oregon University System, having met all lower division general education requirements and being granted junior standing for university registration purposes.

Course, class standing or GPA, and requirements for specific majors, departments or schools are not necessarily satisfied by an AAOT degree. All courses should be aligned with the student’s intended program of study and the degree requirements of the baccalaureate institution to which the student plans to transfer. Work with an advisor to ensure the most appropriate selection of courses.

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Associate of Science Oregon Transfer in Business

The ASOT-Business is a transfer program focusing on courses in Business Administration. It provides students with a marketable degree, while keeping their options open for transfer to a baccalaureate program at the junior level. OCCC also offers degrees and less-than-one-year certificates in Accounting and Administrative Assistant.

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