Instructions for applying for admission to OCCC as an underage credit-seeking student

NOTE: Students under the age of 16 may enroll in non-credit classes as long as a parent/guardian enrolls with them. No special paperwork is needed.

Students younger than 16 years of age are considered underage at Oregon Coast Community College. Under certain circumstances, a student under 16 years of age may be admitted and enroll in credit-bearing courses. The following is a description of the procedure for requesting an exception to minimum enrollment age. This procedure is necessary to ensure all students benefit from the educational services of the college.

1. A typed letter requesting admission from the prospective student that is dated and signed by the student. The letter should include a description of the student’s educational background and their reason for admission and enrollment at Oregon Coast Community College.

2. A letter from the prospective student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) supporting the student’s request that is dated and signed by the parent(s) or guardian(s). The letter should include a statement of how the student will benefit from enrollment in Oregon Coast Community College courses as opposed to taking the course work in a setting more appropriate for the student’s age.

3. A letter from the counselor of the school that the student normally attends requesting that the student be permitted enrollment at Oregon Coast Community College. The letter should provide testimony to the student’s academic and emotional maturity and readiness for a college environment. In addition, the high school counselor should indicate the educational and/or personal benefits which may result from the student’s attendance at Oregon Coast Community College. If the requested course work is available through the student’s school district, the counselor should indicate why Oregon Coast Community College is recommended rather than the local district offerings.

4. Complete the placement assessment process, normally administered to prospective Oregon Coast Community College students.

5. Meet with an Academic Advisor at Oregon Coast Community College. The student will schedule a meeting with an academic advisor. The student will also be informed of appropriate placement options as related to the desired course of study. Normal placement policy will be followed. Bring to the appointment completed documents from steps one , two, three and four as well as the Checklist for Applying for Admission as an Underage Student and the Permission to Use OCCC Public Access Computers. If you have any questions, please call 541-867-8501.

Underage Applicant Recognition of Expectations

 Underage student applicants and their parents/guardians recognize that:

• Academic freedom is part of the college learning environment
• Academic integrity is expected
• A college learning environment is by its nature adult-oriented
• Grading is a faculty responsibility
• Library and internet use is not censored
• Students are responsible for their learning and conduct