College History

Timeline of College History

Oregon Coast Community College was established by Lincoln County voters on May 19, 1987 and began its first term June 1987. In May 1992, a tax base was approved by the voters which provides the College with continuous base-level funding for operations. Voter-approved initiatives lowering local tax support for the College and dwindling state support of community colleges have slowed the College’s expansion of services. The Board established the College Foundation in 2000 to help support instructional programs and related services.
The College continues to address facilities needs to support its instructional programs and services. Passage of a facility bond in May 2004 is helping create opportunities for the expansion of College services and facilities. Construction of new campus facilities began during March 2007.

Serving more than 2,000 individuals each year, the College has refined its programs and services to include a variety of programs for college transfer, professional/technical, small business assistance, adult basic skills, and community education. The College created its signature Aquarium Science program, the first students enrolling Fall 2003. The college added an Associate Degree Nursing program in the Fall Term 2006.


As of Fall Term 2010, the College is in the process of completing the new Aqaurium Science Building.  The facility will be ready for use beginning Fall Term 2011.

Oregon Coast Community College