Complaints, Feedback and Appeals

Are you concerned about someone’s safety? Did you witness discrimination or harassment? Please report incidents and help keep everyone safe!  Email or call 541-867-8501 to make a report.

Are you unhappy with your experience at OCCC? Do you have a special circumstance that needs attention? Do you want to give someone a pat on the back for a job well done? This page describes several options for submitting appeals, raising concerns, filing complaints, and sharing feedback with the college.

Appeals – Financial

Tuition appeal

If you were unable to complete a course due to circumstances beyond your control, you may file a tuition appeal. Please email Include a personal statement and documentation of the circumstances that caused you to be unable to complete the course.

Financial Aid appeal

Federal regulations require that all students who receive financial aid must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). You will be notified via your email if you no longer meet Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress and you will have the opportunity to submit an appeal.  If you have questions regarding financial aid appeals, please contact

Appeals – Academic

Grade appeal

A Grade Appeal is a process used by a student when they believe they have been subject to improper evaluation This process is used for appealing final course grades only. This process is not to be used to appeal grades for individual assignments or exams. Before submitting a grade appeal, please review OCCC’s Grade Appeal Procedure in the college catalog Grade appeal forms are available from Student Services.

Academic records appeal

If you have experienced a sudden and unexpected circumstances that prevented you from meeting drop, withdrawal, or grading option deadlines, you may appeal for an exception to the deadline or to have your transcript updated. Your appeal must be received by both OCCC and Portland Community College within 90 days from the end of the term. If you are seeking both a tuition refund and a transcript change, please indicate this in your request.

If you are seeking a transcript change only, email and from your PCC email account and include your Name, G#, Term, CRN, Course Number/Title, Explanation, and Requested Action. Documentation of the circumstances must be attached or faxed to 971-722-7135 before the appeal can be reviewed. Notification of the outcome of your appeal will be sent to your MyPCC email address within 30 days of receipt.  If you need assistance with this type of appeal including G#, PCC email, and/or CRN, please contact Enrollment Services at

Academic progress suspension appeal

You may choose to appeal your academic suspension by completing an Appeal for Exception to Academic Suspension. Before submitting your appeal, review the Academic Standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress webpage. Exceptions are only granted when all student procedures and requirements are followed and documentation of extenuating circumstances is provided.  You will be notified via your email if you need to submit re-entry form and you will have to appeal academic suspension your academic suspension status.

Classroom climate concern

You may have concerns about the learning environment, quality of instruction, or the educational experience while at OCCC. If so, use the Complaints process (below). Your first step should be to follow the informal resolution process and speak directly with your instructor in an attempt to resolve your concern.


Our goal is that students are satisfied with the education and services received at OCCC. If you do have a concern, however, about any aspect of your experience – services received, quality of instruction, interaction with staff – you may follow our complaint process to seek resolution or be heard.

Informal resolution

Your first step should be to try to resolve the issue informally. If your complaint is about an instructor or specific staff member at the college, please contact them directly. You can use the faculty and staff directory to find their contact information. Many issues can be resolved with a simple meeting, phone call, or email.

Formal complaint process

If your attempts to resolve the issue informally have failed, you may submit a formal written complaint to the Dean of Students office. Complaints are reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate college administrator for investigation and response. Submit a formal complaint by emailing Student Services at  Please view the entire Conflict Resolution and Grievance Policy and Process here.


Compliments and recognition

We would love to hear that we did well! The best way to compliment or recognize a OCCC faculty or staff member or highlight a positive experience you have had at OCCC is to deliver it directly to the individual. You can use the faculty and staff directory to search for contact information. Feel free to contact Student Services for assistance.


We are always working on improving our services and the student experience. If you have a suggestion for us, please email Student Services at

Course evaluations

Course evaluations are offered to registered students of credit classes taught at OCCC. They are a great place to share information about your experience with a course. Course evaluations collect general feedback about the quality and delivery of classes. Course evaluations are available near the end of the term. All course evaluations are completely confidential and voluntary.

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