OCCC Library 2017-2019 Strategic Plan


Mission:  The OCCC Library contributes to student success and life-long learning by providing comprehensive Information Literacy instruction and support for students, faculty, staff, and the local community.  The Library provides appropriate access to collections, services, and spaces in alignment with and in support of the College mission.


Goals, Objectives, and Actions: 


Goal 1:  Provide Information Literacy instruction and support to students, faculty, staff, and the local community (as appropriate).

Objective:  Offer LIB 101 at least three terms each year, with a 10% increase in average class size over the previous year.

Objective:  Using the Writing Needs Survey, determine which classes have large research projects, and develop outreach to those faculty to let them know of the pairing with the LIB 127 class.

Objective:  Continue to work with Writing faculty to further embed in the WR 121, 122, 123, 227 courses.

Objective:  Train the Library Assistant to handle Tier One reference using the chat widget.

Objective:  Create the necessary online instructional tools including point-of-need video tutorials and research guides which will be used to support all courses that do not participate in face to face library instruction.

Objective:   Email faculty to encourage information literacy infusion. Explain all the new active learning options available for including information literacy in their courses including online classes and hybrid classes.


Goal 2:  Collection Development and resource planning is guided by data that include feedback from affected users, faculty, and staff.

Objective:  Develop a plan for the acquisition of textbooks for the library reserves and work with faculty to keep these collections up to date and make them more comprehensive. 

Objective:  Contact full-time program directors as resources continue to evolve to ensure that we continue to offer the best resources available in support of each of their programs.

Objective:  Extend our purchasing power by participation in all appropriate opportunities to expand access to library materials offered by the state, or one of our consortia.

Objective:  In collaboration with faculty and staff, create a permanent reserves section that holds their published works in order that the library might spotlight faculty and staff accomplishments.

Objective:  Offer a new faculty and staff introduction to library resources and services, including how they might participate in collection development in their subject area.


Goal 3:  Promote student success with library collections, services, and spaces that meet students’ informational, personal, and research needs in equitable and inclusive ways.

Objective:  Consistently market library services and resources in a variety of ways.  Continue to explore new ways of reaching students by meeting them where they are, such as using social media to inform them about collections and services.

Objective:  Reach out to students by email quarterly with information on services and resources. (E-Newsletter?)

Objective:  Survey students on library collections, services, and spaces and make user-centered adjustments as needed.

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