The College Council is a forum for all constituencies to discuss college-wide issues in an open and inclusive atmosphere. The council promotes cooperation and mutual understanding among the various campus groups and committees as it considers matters related to fulfilling the college mission. Guided by OCCC’s stated values, individuals and groups share expertise, ask pertinent questions, develop recommendations, and advise the president on issues that affect the college.

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n the Winter of 2018 a survey was sent out to all staff and faculty asking their opinion on the College Council and on how often they felt their voices were heard. The results can be viewed here: Viewpoints Summary for CoCo 04132018 and Sharing Viewpoints Summary and Thematic Analysis.


Every second Friday of the month (as possible)
Remaining meetings for the 2018-2019 Academic Year:

      • June 7, 2019

Roll call of representatives will take place at the beginning of the meeting. If an alternate is present in the place of an absent representative, they will make themselves known at roll-call when the absent representative’s name is called.

The Chair announces the action item and asks for a motion. A motion is made by any CoCo attendee, time for discussion is given (if needed), a second to the motion is made (the Chair can ask for a second). The Chair will then ask “all in favor”, the minute taker will note how many yes votes by the voting representatives. The Chair will ask “all opposed”, the minute taker will note how many no votes by the voting representatives. The Chair will ask for any abstentions, the minute taker will note the number of any abstentions by the voting representatives. The vote counts will be recorded in the minutes.

A quorum shall be established by 50% plus 1 of the voting members. Alternates made known at roll call will have complete voting rights.


Specific individuals representing various employee groups are bestowed voting rights and responsibilities. The voting members of the College Council was adopted on June 8, 2018 and includes 3 members of All Managers Group, 4 members of Classified Group, 8 members of Faculty, and 1 member of Associated Student Government.

2018-2019 Voting Representatives

Lynn Barton
Karen Pfaff
Greg Dewar
Alison Williams
Will Quillian
Alyssa Squiers
Patrick Misiti and Laura Hamilton (shared role)

All Managers Group (AMG)
Larry Boles
Ben Kaufmann
Spencer Smith

Shaneon Dinwoodie
Shannon McKibben
Tabitha Hoadley
Colleen Doherty

Associated Student Government (ASG)
John Watson


Cancellation of CoCo meetings should be avoided, if possible, when one or both co-chairs or the Dean of Instruction are unable to attend. In the event that both co-chairs are unable to attend, an attending full-time or three-quarter-time faculty will serve as chair for that meeting. In the event the Dean is unable to attend, instructional staff will be designated to attend the meeting. Through joint consultation between the Dean (or assigned designee) and co-chair(s) meetings may be rescheduled by the co-chairs or the Dean when appropriate. In the event that six or fewer of CCI membership arrive at a scheduled meeting, the meeting may be canceled by the co-chairs or the Dean.

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