It’s never too late for college!

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The pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong process, and OCCC is pleased to offer senior learners the opportunity to enhance new and existing skills through challenging and intellectually stimulating programs. If you are an Oregon resident who is 65 or older, you may be eligible for free or discounted tuition rates.

Credit Classes

Seniors get free tuition for credit classes when taken for an audit grading option. Auditing is taking a class without receiving a grade or credit.  You can only audit a class if there are still seats available on the first day of class.  This 100% tuition waiver does not cover lab fees or other class fees. Many classes fill up early, so space is not guaranteed.  The only way to secure a spot in a class is to register early and pay full tuition. Auditing students must be registered for eight credits or fewer per term.
“As a life long learner and someone very familiar with the high quality of instruction at OCCC,” said Jane Hodgkins, pictured here, “I was very excited to take advantage of the senior waiver and enroll in an art class this summer.  The class has been challenging and it’s inspiring to see the work of my fellow students.  I’m looking forward to seeing what’s available for fall term.”

Steps for Oregon residents aged 65 years or more
to receive a tuition waiver for credit classes:

  1. Find the credit class you want to audit in the OCCC online class schedule
  2. If you have never taken a class with OCCC before, complete the online admissions application available at Apply.
  3. Complete this form and bring it with you on the first day of class.
  4. Ask the instructor if there is space available in the class, and if the class can be audited.
  5. Request permission from the instructor to audit the class. Get the instructor to sign the waiver form and provide you with the four letter permission code.
  6. Register online for the course by logging into your myOCCC account. Select the “permission to add a class with
    a code” button. Enter in the four letter code provided by the instructor here.  Print your schedule for your records and note the time and location of your class(es).
  7. Give the signed form to Student Services.
  8. Pay course and student fees and purchase textbooks and/or other materials not covered by the tuition waiver.

Please note:

  • Auditing students may register for up to eight credits per term.
  • Audit is available only with instructor permission.
  • Senior waivers cannot be used to:
    • take classes and earn college credit
    • displace credit students paying tuition
    • register for classes in limited entry programs (i.e. Aquarium Science or Nursing)


More details

As some classes don’t fill and are subject to cancellation, those seeking to audit certain classes may not be informed of whether a class will be held until on or about its scheduled start date. All auditing participants are subject to the same codes of conduct and behavior as other students, and to the procedures detailed on the OCCC Tuition Waiver Form. For more information about tuition waivers and credit class schedules, call 541-867-8501 or check the online schedule.

Curious about the Oregon law behind the waiver? Read it here.

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